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Born: Saturday, October 9, 1993
Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

I gotta get a truck.
- Scotty McCreery

I love singin' in the car, it just makes me feel good.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Love, Car)

I want to go to Nashville and get cracking on this album.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Want)

I was watching the show last year and it didn't even cross my mind that this could even happen.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Mind)

I'm still single, but me and Lauren are really really really close friends.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Friends)

I'm sure those rumors are spread, but it's just ah - we're really good friend. We've been since day one in Hollywood. In class, we've been together in school. We've gotten really close, but I don't know about the more than friends stuff.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Friend, Class, Day, Friends, Hollywood, Rumors, School)

If my life were a song it would probably be titled 'Roller Coaster', up and down all the time.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Life, Time, Song)

It's a new game now, you know, you have to bring some fresh stuff.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Now)

It's so surreal being here.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Being)

My favorite type of music to sing is country, and my favorite type of music to listen to is country.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Music, Country, Favorite)

That's the last thing I want to do is go on up there and mess up, you know, in front of America.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: America, Want)

When they first said I made it through it was just crazy, I mean all kinds of thoughts were going through my head, and you know to be watching the show for nine seasons and to be on it now is surreal, it's so surreal.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Thoughts, First, Now, Seasons)

You know I used to sit there and I'd go outside and play ball and everything, but now in my free time I just kind of lay back and relax because this atmosphere is so busy and stressful, so anytime I can sleep, you'd best believe I'm sleepin'.
- Scotty McCreery
(Keywords: Time, Now, Play, Relax, Sleep)

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