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Born: Sunday, March 19, 1944
Profession: Statesman
Nationality: Belizean

Belize pledges it continued support to the aspirations of the 23 million people of Taiwan to be full participants in all organs and agencies of the international community.
- Said Musa
(Keywords: People, Aspirations, Community, Support)

Independence did not mean chauvinism and narrow nationalism.
- Said Musa
(Keywords: Independence, Nationalism)

Let us work toward greater cooperation with all Caribbean Countries, whether we speak English, Dutch, French or Spanish, whether we are independent or not, and whether we be island or continental territories.
- Said Musa
(Keywords: Work, Cooperation, Countries, English)

None can be more negative in its impact than the limitation on human resource capacity.
- Said Musa
(Keywords: Negative)

Our Government is committed to pursuing policies and programs which facilitate a further lowering of the interest rates in order to fuel investment and growth. We call on the commercial banks to partner with us in this effort.
- Said Musa
(Keywords: Government, Growth, Banks, Effort, Interest, Investment, Order)

We have much work ahead, to stand still.
- Said Musa
(Keywords: Work)

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