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Born: Monday, May 4, 1925
Died: Tuesday, August 17, 1982 (57 years old)
Profession: Activist
Nationality: South African

In addition, we were unable to meet openly to discuss the progress of the book, for we were both on the list of persons banned from communicating with other banned persons.
- Ruth First
(Keywords: Progress)

Mbeki began to write a study of the workings of apartheid policy in the reserves - the areas set aside in law for African occupation - as early as 1959 and 1960.
- Ruth First
(Keywords: Policy, African, Law, Occupation, Study)

Poverty and the rule of race that is called apartheid drive the Transkeian migrant from security on the land to work in the cities, and then back again.
- Ruth First
(Keywords: Work, Cities, Land, Poverty, Race, Security)

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