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Born: Thursday, January 26, 1928
Died: Friday, February 11, 2000 (72 years old)
Profession: Journalist
Nationality: French

I shudder at the image they would piece together.
- Roger Vadim

I wanted to show a normal young girl whose only difference was that she behaved in the way a boy might, without any sense of guilt on a moral or sexual level.
- Roger Vadim
(Keywords: Difference, Guilt, Sense)

There was really nothing shocking in what Brigitte did, what was provocative was her natural sensuality.
- Roger Vadim
(Keywords: Nothing, Provocative, Sensuality)

We're playing strip billiards.
- Roger Vadim

You wouldn't ask Rodin to make an ugly sculpture, or me to make a film with an ugly woman.
- Roger Vadim
(Keywords: Film, Sculpture, Ugly, Woman)

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