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Born: Friday, August 29, 1941
Profession: Writer
Nationality: English

Celebrities are nowhere as rich as some people think they are.
- Robin Leach
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In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.
- Robin Leach
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It is usually people in the money business, finance, and international trade that are really rich.
- Robin Leach
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Travel is very subjective. What one person loves, another loathes.
- Robin Leach
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When I interview people, and they give me an immediate answer, they're often not thinking. So I'm silent. I wait. Because they think they have to keep answering. And it's the second train of thought that's the better answer.
- Robin Leach
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Whoever would have guessed that in the land of cheap sausages and mashed potatoes there could be such a change which would actually bring the French from Paris every weekend to invade Britain en masse to eat great food and drink great wine.
- Robin Leach
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