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Born: Thursday, December 23, 1926
Profession: Poet
Nationality: American

By the time a man is 35 he knows that the images of the right man, the tough man, the true man which he received in high school do not work in life.
- Robert Bly
(Keywords: Life, Time, Work, Man, Right, School)

It is surely a great calamity for a human being to have no obsessions.
- Robert Bly
(Keywords: Being, Calamity, Obsessions)

The beginning of love is a horror of emptiness.
- Robert Bly
(Keywords: Love, Beginning, Horror)

When a father, absent during the day, returns home at six, his children receive only his temperament, not his teaching.
- Robert Bly
(Keywords: Home, Father, Children, Day, Teaching, Temperament)

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