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Born: Thursday, November 25, 1920
Died: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 (88 years old)
Profession: Actor
Nationality: Mexican

And yet I think of Christopher Reeve who said he would pay two million dollars to be able to feel pain again. What a courageous man! So I have to think that pain is a blessing.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Pain)

Ask not what the role can do for you; ask what you can do for the role.
- Ricardo Montalban

Because we should always respect other nationalities, I have always tried to play them with dignity.
- Ricardo Montalban
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Being the only non-Black was a unique experience. After a few weeks, you're not aware of skin color differences. You see the color; you're not blind, but it doesn't matter. You see the human being first.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Experience, Being, Blind, First, Skin)

Hollywood does not write parts for people like me, an elderly gentleman, and when they find out you're crippled, forget about it. No, I'll never work again.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Work, People, Elderly, Forget, Gentleman, Hollywood)

I found enormous opposition to my religion. It's like if you want to strengthen your biceps, you lift heavy weight, as heavy as you can handle, and work your muscles against resistance until it grows strong. I had to do that with my religion.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Religion, Work, Opposition, Want, Weight)

If you shake your fist, the other guy will shake his too. But if you extend your hand to shake their hand, then they will extend theirs also, and you've made a friend.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Friend, Will)

It is to TV that I owe my freedom from bondage of the Latin lover roles. Television came along and gave me parts to chew on. It gave me wings as an actor.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Actor, Freedom, Television)

Politics is too partisan, and sometimes patriotism is cast aside. Patriotism is honor and love of your country and your brothers and sisters. With politics I get the impression that it's all about what's good for the party and not necessarily what's good for the country.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Love, Patriotism, Politics, Impression, Brothers, Country, Honor, Party, Sisters)

Standing on soil feels so much different than standing on city pavement; it lets you look inward and reflect and see who you really are, while you see a beautiful, unspoiled land as far as the eye can see. It allows your inner life to grow.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Life, Eye, Land)

There couldn't be better parents than mine, loving yet strict. They disciplined with love. A child without discipline is, in away, a lost child. You cannot have freedom without discipline.
- Ricardo Montalban
(Keywords: Love, Discipline, Freedom, Parents)

True love doesn't happen right away; it's an ever-growing process. It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together.
- Ricardo Montalban
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