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Born: Thursday, February 12, 1948
Profession: Inventor
Nationality: American

A successful person isn't necessarily better than her less successful peers at solving problems; her pattern-recognition facilities have just learned what problems are worth solving.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Successful, Problems, Worth)

As order exponentially increases, time exponentially speeds up.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Time, Order)

By the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Intelligence, Will)

Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Death, Time, Importance, Meaning, Value)

Even by common wisdom, there seem to be both people and objects in my dream that are outside myself, but clearly they were created in myself and are part of me, they are mental constructs in my own brain.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Wisdom, People, Dream)

I consider myself an inventor, entrepreneur, and author.
- Ray Kurzweil

I'm an inventor. I became interested in long-term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it is finished, not the world in which it is started.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Invention, Sense, World)

Supercomputers will achieve one human brain capacity by 2010, and personal computers will do so by about 2020.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Computers, Will)

We appear to be programmed with the idea that there are 'things' outside of our self, and some are conscious, and some are not.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Idea, Self)

We are beginning to see intimations of this in the implantation of computer devices into the human body.
- Ray Kurzweil
(Keywords: Beginning, Body, Computer)

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