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Born: Wednesday, December 3, 1884
Died: Thursday, February 28, 1963 (78 years old)
Profession: Statesman
Nationality: Indian

Actors cannot go on for over running around the trees.
- Rajendra Prasad
(Keywords: Actors, Running, Trees)

Age is very important in the entertainment industry.
- Rajendra Prasad
(Keywords: Age, Entertainment)

I know I cannot do all the stuff that I did ten years ago.
- Rajendra Prasad
(Keywords: Years)

More importantly, I also understand my age and am in a better position to appreciate it.
- Rajendra Prasad
(Keywords: Age)

Nobody can push me aside.
- Rajendra Prasad

Now I am careful about the kind of roles that I do.
- Rajendra Prasad
(Keywords: Now)

One must learn to play one's age.
- Rajendra Prasad
(Keywords: Age, Play)

What I mean is that today's films lay lot of emphasis on glamour and associated emotions.
- Rajendra Prasad
(Keywords: Emotions, Glamour, Today)

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