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Born: Wednesday, June 10, 1942
Profession: Politician
Nationality: Canadian

Canada is the only country founded on the relentless pursuit of the rodent.
- Preston Manning
(Keywords: Canada, Country, Pursuit)

Do not ghettoize society by putting people into legal categories of gender, race, ethnicity, language, or other such characteristics.
- Preston Manning
(Keywords: Legal, Society, People, Gender, Language, Race)

My personal political convictions are rooted in the populist political traditions of western Canada.
- Preston Manning
(Keywords: Canada, Traditions)

The role of the federal government should be neutral toward culture just as it is toward religion.
- Preston Manning
(Keywords: Government, Religion, Culture)

There is a whole school of Canadian academics, media personalities, and politicians whose definition of a Canadian is a North American who fears or dislikes the United States.
- Preston Manning
(Keywords: American, Media, Politicians, School, states, United)

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