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Born: Wednesday, February 23, 1944
Profession: Scientist
Nationality: Greek

If we intensify our efforts we can have a cloned baby within a year or two, but I don't know whether we can intensify our efforts to that extent. We're not really under pressure to deliver a cloned baby to this world. What we are under pressure to do is to deliver a cloned baby that is a healthy one.
- Panayiotis Zavos
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In the future, when we get serious about executing things correctly, this thing will be very easy to do. If we find out that this technique does not work, I don't intend to step on dead bodies to achieve something because I don't have that kind of ambition. My ambition is to help people.
- Panayiotis Zavos
(Keywords: Work, People, Ambition, Future, Help, Will)

There is absolutely no doubt about it, and I may not be the one that does it, but the cloned child is coming. There is absolutely no way that it will not happen.
- Panayiotis Zavos
(Keywords: Doubt, May, Will)

We are not interested in cloning the Michael Jordans and the Michael Jacksons of this world. The rich and the famous don't participate in this.
- Panayiotis Zavos
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We're not lawbreakers, we're law-abiding, and intend to stay that way.
- Panayiotis Zavos
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