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Born: Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Died: Friday, July 25, 1969 (77 years old)
Profession: Artist
Nationality: German

All art is exorcism. I paint dreams and visions too; the dreams and visions of my time. Painting is the effort to produce order; order in yourself. There is much chaos in me, much chaos in our time.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Art, Dreams, Time, Chaos, Effort, Order, Painting, Visions)

As a young man you don't notice at all that you were, after all, badly affected. For years afterwards, at least ten years, I kept getting these dreams, in which I had to crawl through ruined houses, along passages I could hardly get through.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Dreams, Houses, Man, Years)

Everybody thinks they know what art should be. But very few of them have the sense that is necessary to experience painting, that is the sense of sight, that sees colors and forms as living reality in the picture.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Art, Experience, Colors, Living, Painting, Reality, Sense, Sight)

I had to experience how someone beside me suddenly falls over and is dead and the bullet has hit him squarely. I had to experience that quite directly. I wanted it. I'm therefore not a pacifist at all - or am I?
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Experience)

I have to experience all the ghastly, bottomless depths for life for myself; it's for that reason that I went to war, and for that reason I volunteered.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Experience, Life, War, Reason)

I will either be famous or infamous.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Famous, Will)

I'm not that obsessed with making representations of ugliness. Everything I've seen is beautiful.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Ugliness)

Not that painting would have been a release. The reason for doing it is the desire to create. I've got to do it! I've seen that, I can still remember it, I've got to paint it.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Desire, Painting, Reason)

People were already beginning to forget, what horrible suffering the war had brought them. I did not want to cause fear and panic, but to let people know how dreadful war is and so to stimulate people's powers of resistance.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: War, People, Fear, Beginning, Cause, Forget, Suffering, Want)

Stop bothering me with your pathetic politics - I'd rather go to the whorehouse.
- Otto Dix
(Keywords: Politics)

You know, if one paints someone's portrait, one should not know him if possible.
- Otto Dix

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