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Born: Saturday, October 27, 1917
Died: Saturday, April 24, 1993 (75 years old)
Profession: Politician
Nationality: South African

It may be that apartheid brings such stupendous economic advantages to countries that they would sooner have apartheid than permit its destruction.
- Oliver Tambo
(Keywords: Countries, Destruction, May)

Racial discrimination, South Africa's economic power, its oppression and exploitation of all the black peoples, are part and parcel of the same thing.
- Oliver Tambo
(Keywords: Power, Discrimination, Exploitation, Oppression)

The fight for freedom must go on until it is won; until our country is free and happy and peaceful as part of the community of man, we cannot rest.
- Oliver Tambo
(Keywords: Community, Country, Fight, Freedom, Man, Rest)

Using the power you derive from the discovery of the truth about racism in South Africa, you will help us to remake our part of the world into a corner of the globe on which all - of which all of humanity can be proud.
- Oliver Tambo
(Keywords: Power, Truth, Discovery, Help, Humanity, Racism, Will, World)

We believe that the world, too, can destroy apartheid, firstly by striking at the economy of South Africa.
- Oliver Tambo
(Keywords: Economy, World)

We have a vision of South Africa in which black and white shall live and work together as equals in conditions of peace and prosperity.
- Oliver Tambo
(Keywords: Peace, Work, Vision, Prosperity)

We seek to create a united Democratic and non-racial society.
- Oliver Tambo
(Keywords: Society, United)

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