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Born: Thursday, October 9, 1879
Died: Sunday, April 24, 1960 (80 years old)
Profession: Scientist
Nationality: German

And if real life was like the movies, I should have lived happily ever after.
- Max von Laue
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For as long as one has no further point of reference, apart from the position of the maximum, the wavelength thus remains uncertain by an integral factor.
- Max von Laue

For in 1900 all electromagnetic radiation of longer wavelengths was already known at least to the extent that one could not seek in it the more striking characteristics of X-rays such as, for example, the strong penetrating power.
- Max von Laue
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It would be simply suicidal to French Canadians to form a party by themselves.
- Max von Laue
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Notwithstanding these major arguments the wave theory initially did not meet with complete acceptance.
- Max von Laue
(Keywords: Acceptance, Arguments, Theory)

There is no doubt that I, also, had long been aware of the problem, i.e. producing X-ray interferences, before the inherent difficulties had finally been surmounted.
- Max von Laue
(Keywords: Difficulties, Doubt)

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