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Born: Thursday, August 18, 1927
Died: Thursday, October 25, 2001 (74 years old)
Profession: Scientist
Nationality: American

But with the Industrial Revolution and introduction of various industrial techniques for purifying sugar, we have a situation in which what we are consuming is not good nutritionally or ecologically.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Revolution)

Every theory presented as a scientific concept is just that; it's a theory that tries to explain more about the world than previous theories have done. It is open to being challenged and to being proven incorrect.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Being, Open, Theories, Theory, World)

Food, like sex, is one of the principal kinds of human activity that engage people when they wonder about how to account for different kinds of human behaviour.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Food, Sex, People, Wonder)

Here you do have forests, where pigs could be raised by letting them root about in the forests for a good part of the year. Therefore, you have a different attitude toward them compared with what continues to exist in the Middle East.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Attitude)

However, further research has shown that it is the normal condition for humans and for most other mammals. It seems pretty clear why this is the case for most mammals and for most human beings.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Mammals, Pretty, Research)

I don't know of any cases where as a result of religious precepts a population have found themselves enjoying less food than they would have if they didn't follow this particular religion.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Food, Religion, Population, Religious, Result)

I think that by following the route that I have tried to outline, one gets into a much more interesting and productive series of questions than those that result from saying simply that Chinese don't like milk because they don't like milk.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Questions, Result, Saying)

If I can bring some light to bear on problems like that, I feel that people will be enlightened not only on the question but also on a way of approaching such questions.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: People, Light, Problems, Question, Questions, Will)

Like most North Americans, I'd been raised on the notion that milk is the first food, and everybody must like it because it's so good and so important for growing up and for being healthy.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Food, Americans, Being, First, Growing up)

Now we are in a situation in which for a significant part of the industrial world too much could become a danger, especially too much of the things which are really not good for us in such large quantities.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Danger, Now, World)

Pigs eat grass if they are very hungry, but they can't use it as a regular source of food.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Food)

Pigs prefer to wallow in clean mud, but if nothing else is available, they will frequently wallow in their own urine, giving rise to the notion that they are dirty animals.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Animals, Giving, Nothing, Will)

The answer has to be sought in the material conditions of the production and utilization of cattle in India compared with the production and utilization of cattle in other parts of the world.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Production, World)

The commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' does not say it's O.K. to kill some people and not others.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: People)

The general proposition is that the resources that will be utilized are the ones that contribute most to the overall efficiency of the production system. The third parameter has to do with our commercial world, our search for profits.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Efficiency, Production, Will, World)

There are very important and practical issues raised by following this alternative route which says, let's look to material conditions, to the systems of production, to the needs that human beings have, and to competing alternative solutions to the satisfaction of those needs.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Needs, Production, Satisfaction)

Unfortunately, the food industry has not yet faced this situation and begun taking measures to avoid exploiting our weakness for not knowing when we have had enough.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Food, Weakness)

When a woman gives birth to a child, the child needs to be able to digest the mother's milk; but when this child is old enough to begin to eat other foods, there is some switching off of this ability to consume milk.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Mother, Ability, Needs, Old, Woman)

Yes, a general principle that comes out of research behind Good to Eat is that there are no world religions that have acted to decrease the potential for the nutritional well-being of their followers.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Followers, Potential, Research, World)

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