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Born: Wednesday, September 29, 1971
Profession: Actor
Nationality: English

All the parts I get offered are character and comedy parts, and I probably wouldn't get them if I had a different face. So I'm glad I have a comedy face.
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: Character, Comedy)

I don't have much choice these days in how I have my hair.
- Mackenzie Crook
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I haven't got a car or a house. I've got a wife, but I didn't pay for her! I spend all my money on my glorious wife. She's here with a knife at my throat!
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: Car, Money, Wife)

I like the fact you can spend two hours setting up a scene that will only last a couple of seconds. And I like just sitting around and dozing between scenes!
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: Fact, Will)

I like the outdoors and the natural world. Environmental issues.
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: Environmental, World)

I spend days with writers' block. It is a problem.
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: Writers)

I still draw a lot though. Ballpoint pen is my preferred medium.
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: Pen)

I'd like to go back to standup. I don't like to think I've done my last gig. At the moment it terrifies me, I get really nervous. It's a great buzz when it goes well.
- Mackenzie Crook

It's not a very secure industry. I've spoken to a couple of people recently who had a successful TV show and then found themselves absolutely skint and struggling to find a job.
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: People, Successful, Job)

My son thinks I'm hilarious, but he's only 1.
- Mackenzie Crook
(Keywords: Son)

Recently I've been collecting Star Wars figures again. When I was a kid I couldn't afford them. Now I can so I've been buying them and keeping them in their box for a later date when they'll be worth a lot of money.
- Mackenzie Crook
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