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Born: Thursday, March 26, 1953
Profession: Politician
Nationality: American

I worry about 10, 15, 20, 25 years down the road. Where are we going to be in this age of nuclear weapons, where there is no margin for error?
- Lincoln Chafee
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In the world of diplomacy, some things are better left unsaid.
- Lincoln Chafee
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Israelis can be proud of the vibrant democracy that they have created, and I know that many Rhode Islanders share my deep appreciation for the close friendship between our two nations.
- Lincoln Chafee
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On the issues that I care deeply about - the environment, Roe vs. Wade, the war in Iraq, with no weapons of mass destruction, the tax cuts that are now leading to deficits, I've got some deep issues with the president.
- Lincoln Chafee
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Reform of the medical liability system should be considered as part of a comprehensive response to surging medical malpractice premiums that endanger Americans' access to quality medical care.
- Lincoln Chafee
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Well, usually when you talk about a mandate, you're talking about an overwhelming win. I don't think by any measurement the 2004 election was an overwhelming win.
- Lincoln Chafee
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