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Born: Saturday, September 3, 1910
Died: Saturday, April 14, 2007 (96 years old)
Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

And I didn't, that's why my career was very short lived.
- Kitty Carlisle
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And I wasn't crazy about Hollywood in those days.
- Kitty Carlisle
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I get on the floor, and I can do things a woman a fifth my age can't do.
- Kitty Carlisle
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I was born in New Orleans, and I wasn't allowed to go to the movies.
- Kitty Carlisle
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I was near sighted. I was born myopic, and I got glasses, right after that.
- Kitty Carlisle
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I was taken to concerts when I was six, seven years old, and sat in a box throughout the whole evening.
- Kitty Carlisle
(Keywords: Evening, Old, Years)

It never occurred to me that I looked like a movie star.
- Kitty Carlisle

It was considered oh, not proper for children to go to the movies.
- Kitty Carlisle
(Keywords: Movies, Children)

My mother thought Hollywood was a den of iniquity, and people came to terrible bad ends there.
- Kitty Carlisle
(Keywords: Mother, Thought, People, Hollywood)

So I got caught up in the same wave as everybody else and went right out to Hollywood, to make movies.
- Kitty Carlisle
(Keywords: Movies, Hollywood, Right)

So in those days, they were scooping up any young person who could sing and look decent, ah, at the same time.
- Kitty Carlisle
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The next thing that happened to me was that I, we, were living in Paris where I then grew up.
- Kitty Carlisle
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