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Born: Wednesday, May 19, 1976
Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

Going from Flip to Kev, obviously you don't want to see someone ever lose their job. For me it's probably a little more difficult, because other than Bill Blair, Flip is all I knew.
- Kevin Garnett
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I would love to see Flip get back into the league. I think he can definitely still coach in this league. I think he will be in this league quicker than sooner.
- Kevin Garnett
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I'm from the bottom, I understand what it's like to have and to not have. My perception on giving is to put yourself in those people's shoes and go from there. So that's what I did.
- Kevin Garnett
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It's scary when one day the city is there and the next day it's gone. To see the water actual kill people, I couldn't believe it. I never fathomed it could bury a city.
- Kevin Garnett
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Kev has these old Boston drills, where you all have to talk to each other, and interact, and it's helped us.
- Kevin Garnett
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So we take a lot of pride in that. It's really on us to turn this thing around. I think this last month we've done just that. We've pointed ourself in the direction that we want to be, and I think we're starting to head towards that. Right now we're in a nice rhythm.
- Kevin Garnett
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So you're dealing with a coach, and you're dealing with a guy who's actually experienced NBA basketball from a player's perspective and actually goes about it that way.
- Kevin Garnett
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The beautiful thing about when you go through a slide is that you learn from it. Not just saying that you learn from it, but applying the things that you have learned.
- Kevin Garnett
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The last couple of practices, all we've been doing is a lot of defensive things. We've been going over some drills that make all of us have to communicate.
- Kevin Garnett

Too much coffee. Too much coffee and Gatorade. It's a hell of a mix. If you're ever tired in the morning, just try that mix, and tell me what you think.
- Kevin Garnett
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We have to do the impossible, but it is possible.
- Kevin Garnett

We know that in order for us to turn this around, it doesn't matter how many coaches they bring in here, assistants, weight trainers, whoever, we're the ones that are going to have turn it around. And I think just took that responsibility on ourselves.
- Kevin Garnett
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