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Born: Wednesday, December 6, 1944
Profession: Musician
Nationality: English

I was sad Jon Ronson, who wrote in the Guardian and has made a TV show for Channel 4, took against me.
- Jonathan King

It's not fair that the accused is not protected from adverse publicity whilst the accuser is guaranteed anonymity, whatever the verdict.
- Jonathan King
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My greatest reward is knowing for certain, as I do with many other acts and artistes, that without Jonathan King being alive and involved, Genesis would not exist, and the guys would have had careers as intended - as accountants and lawyers!
- Jonathan King
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No, my profile has leaped over recent years, so has my life experience, and I look forward to the next 30 years being even more rewarding and satisfying than the previous 60!
- Jonathan King
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Peter remained very quiet and shy, but when he spoke it made sense.
- Jonathan King
(Keywords: Quiet, Sense)

We worked as a team... I was one of the band.
- Jonathan King

Who authorised the spend of millions of pounds and thousands of man hours into a stale, historical situation from three decades ago - with virtually no complaints made?
- Jonathan King
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