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Born: Sunday, July 16, 1916
Died: Wednesday, December 16, 1998 (82 years old)
Profession: Businessman
Nationality: Canadian

If one student is unable to get online, it cripples that student's team and puts the whole course in jeopardy.
- John Gallagher
(Keywords: Jeopardy)

We knew we did not want to record at Impulse Studios again, after the experience of recording in a 'real' studio in London for the Radio One session we did.
- John Gallagher
(Keywords: Experience, London, Want)

We played for power and impact.
- John Gallagher
(Keywords: Power)

We usually surprised everyone, and still do, as we keep the craziness onstage.
- John Gallagher

We were happy, and still are, to be able to do what we love.
- John Gallagher
(Keywords: Love)

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