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Born: Wednesday, January 14, 1615
Died: Friday, September 22, 1662 (47 years old)
Profession: Clergyman
Nationality: English

After a long, impartial enquiry of the truth, and after much and earnest calling upon God, to give unto me the spirit and revelation in the knowledge of Him, I find myself obliged, both by the principles of reason and Scripture, to embrace the opinion I now hold forth.
- John Biddle
(Keywords: God, Truth, Knowledge, Opinion, Principles, Reason, Scripture, Spirit)

What shall befall me in the pursuance of this work, I refer to the disposal of Almighty God, whose glory is dearer to me, not only than my liberty, but than my life.
- John Biddle
(Keywords: Life, Work, God, Glory, Liberty)

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