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Born: Thursday, September 26, 1968
Profession: Celebrity
Nationality: American

A woman in Mexico wanted me to heal her. But I can't heal anybody. I just put my hand on her and said, 'Thank you for seeing the film.'
- Jim Caviezel
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Everyone was thinking it was going to be a bust. I felt redeemed.
- Jim Caviezel
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I felt unworthy to play Jesus. I just accepted the responsibility and said, 'What actor wouldn't want to play this role?'
- Jim Caviezel
(Keywords: Actor, Play, Responsibility, Unworthy, Want)

I know we didn't make an anti-Semitic film. This is what the Gospels are. And it's none of my business what other people think of me.
- Jim Caviezel
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I still put my pants on the same way. I still walk on my pool twice a day.
- Jim Caviezel
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My faith doesn't go over real well in Hollywood.
- Jim Caviezel
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