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Born: Wednesday, January 1, 1936
Profession: Businessman
Nationality: American

If we take care of the business and keep our eye on the goal line, the stock price will take care of itself.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: Business, Goal, Care, Eye, Will)

In the final analysis, you get what you pay for.
- James Sinegal

It doesn't do Costco any good if nobody can afford to buy anything.
- James Sinegal

One of the strengths of our nation has always been a strong middle class who could afford their own homes and send their children to school.
- James Sinegal
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We always strive to be the best in the wage package.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: Wage)

We are a company that promotes 100% within the company.
- James Sinegal
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We want to turn our inventory faster than our people.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: People, Want)

We would rather have our employees running our business.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: Business, Employees, Running)

We've always been in favor of improved wages for workers. When you have a strong middle class, they want to buy more stuff at Costco.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: Class, Middle class, Wages, Want, Workers)

When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: Employees)

You destroy the initiative of the working people if they don't feel they have a fighting chance to be a part of the American Dream.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: People, Dream, American, Chance, Fighting)

You don't have a very motivated working class, it starts to affect the dynamics of the economy. If workers are disenchanted and disenfranchised, productivity losses will go along with that.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: Class, Economy, Productivity, Will, Workers)

You just can't get too focused on worrying about what's going to happen in the next quarter. You have to worry about where the business is headed long-term.
- James Sinegal
(Keywords: Business, Worry)

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