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Born: Friday, May 4, 1928
Profession: Statesman
Nationality: Egyptian

An honest observer of the evolution of conditions in Egypt would discover that terrorism is an alien phenomenon, strange to our values and heritage.
- Hosni Mubarak
(Keywords: Values, Evolution, Terrorism)

I have this to say to the people: go the polls and vote for the candidate of your choice... This is your responsibility; do not neglect it.
- Hosni Mubarak
(Keywords: Choice, Neglect, Responsibility, Vote)

If there is one Osama bin Laden now, there will be 100 bin Ladens afterwards.
- Hosni Mubarak
(Keywords: Now, Osama bin laden, Will)

Sharon is capable of making peace.
- Hosni Mubarak
(Keywords: Peace)

The people gave me the responsibility of building the future of this nation. And I did it with honor.
- Hosni Mubarak
(Keywords: People, Building, Future, Honor, Nation, Responsibility)

The true victory is the victory for democracy and pluralism.
- Hosni Mubarak
(Keywords: Victory, Democracy)

We shall continue to work for a Middle East that is free of strife and violence, living in harmony without the threat of terrorism or the dangers of weapons of mass destruction.
- Hosni Mubarak
(Keywords: Work, Destruction, Harmony, Living, Terrorism, Violence, Weapons)

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