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Born: Tuesday, May 16, 1905
Died: Thursday, August 12, 1982 (77 years old)
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

For me, college wasn't a breeze. I had 8 o'clock classes, I worked from 3 to 11 at the Settlement House. On weekends, if Northwestern Bell needed me, I'd troubleshoot for them, and I had a steady girl. God!
- Henry Fonda
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Ford didn't know what to do with Mister Roberts that wasn't repeating what was successful in New York. He was trying to do things to the play that would be his in the film.
- Henry Fonda
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I don't know what was in his mind, but I do know Ford was stricken by what he had done, by hitting me.
- Henry Fonda
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I found myself facing a Christian Science Reading Room. My God! It had been eight years. There had never been any renunciation of religion on my part, but like so many people, it was a gradual fading away.
- Henry Fonda
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I must have had faith that day. When I went out, I was Henry Fonda again. An unemployed actor but a man.
- Henry Fonda
(Keywords: Faith, Actor, Day, Man)

I'd just as soon not get into a discussion about Jane and her politics. I'd just as soon stick to what we're here for, the picture.
- Henry Fonda
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I've been close to Bette Davis for thirty-eight years - and I have the cigarette burns to prove it.
- Henry Fonda
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It has to do with the fact that Ford, for all his greatness, is an Irish egomaniac, as anyone who knows him will say.
- Henry Fonda
(Keywords: Greatness, Fact, Irish, Will)

My thinking was scrambled when Sullivan and I separated. Something happened to me that had never happend before. I couldn't cope. It was heartbreak time. I thought it was the end of the world.
- Henry Fonda
(Keywords: Time, Thought, End, Heartbreak, Thinking, World)

My whole damn family was nice. I don't think I've imagined it. It's true. Maybe it has to do with being brought up as Christian Scientists. Half of my relatives were Readers or Practitioners in the church.
- Henry Fonda
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No one could have nicer sisters. No sibling problems there.
- Henry Fonda
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