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Born: Friday, December 21, 1860
Died: Tuesday, February 13, 1945 (84 years old)
Profession: Activist
Nationality: American

I would exchange everything for one child of my own.
- Henrietta Szold

In the life of the spirit there is no ending that is not a beginning.
- Henrietta Szold
(Keywords: Life, Beginning, Ending, Spirit)

To the rest of us the supreme vindication of the scholar's view lies in their invincible allegiance to the Jewish heritage - a steadfastness that has been matched only by that of their rescuers.
- Henrietta Szold
(Keywords: Lies, Rest)

Women were freed from positive duties when they could not perform them, but not when they could.
- Henrietta Szold
(Keywords: Women, Positive)

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