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Born: Sunday, June 11, 1950
Profession: Musician
Nationality: English

I like kind of varied songs, not just the same song all the time. And I thought things like "Too Sentimental" is a different thing for us, but it works and we love the way they all came out. There's definitely varied songs on there.
- Graham Russell
(Keywords: Love, Time, Thought, Song, Songs)

I think for anything to change, in the real world, people have got to change on the inside and that's what we want to start, to get people to think and do more themselves and get involved in whatever they want to get involved with.
- Graham Russell
(Keywords: Change, People, Want, World)

The name Air Supply sort of came from nowhere. I get a lot of my things in dreams and I just had a dream about it one night, and I woke up and said that's just got to be the name. That was in 1975.
- Graham Russell
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