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Born: Sunday, January 15, 1899
Died: Thursday, March 25, 1982 (83 years old)
Profession: Writer
Nationality: American

I keep reading between the lies.
- Goodman Ace
(Keywords: Lies, Reading)

I would have answered your letter sooner, but you didn't send one.
- Goodman Ace

Moon rocks are OK when everyone is eating.
- Goodman Ace
(Keywords: Eating, Moon)

Politics makes estranged bedfellows.
- Goodman Ace
(Keywords: Politics)

The best cure for hypochondria is to forget about your body and get interested in someone else's.
- Goodman Ace
(Keywords: Body, Cure, Forget)

TV - a clever contraction derived from the words Terrible Vaudeville. However, it is our latest medium - we call it a medium because nothing's well done.
- Goodman Ace
(Keywords: Nothing, Words)

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