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Born: Saturday, May 13, 1882
Died: Saturday, August 31, 1963 (81 years old)
Profession: Artist
Nationality: French

Art is made to disturb, science reassures.
- Georges Braque
(Keywords: Art, Science)

Once an object has been incorporated in a picture it accepts a new destiny.
- Georges Braque
(Keywords: Destiny)

Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas.
- Georges Braque
(Keywords: Ideas, Painting)

Reality only reveals itself when it is illuminated by a ray of poetry.
- Georges Braque
(Keywords: Poetry, Reality)

There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.
- Georges Braque

To define a thing is to substitute the definition for the thing itself.
- Georges Braque

Truth exists; only lies are invented.
- Georges Braque
(Keywords: Truth, Lies)

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