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Born: Friday, March 18, 1927
Died: Thursday, September 25, 2003 (76 years old)
Profession: Journalist
Nationality: American

He was interviewed in the early '60s by a young novelist, Pati Hill.
- George Plimpton

I remember being awed by it - the uniqueness and nicety of style - and I suspect I was a bit jealous because we were more or less of the same generation.
- George Plimpton
(Keywords: Being, Style, Uniqueness)

It is also one of the pleasures of oral biography, in that the reader, rather than editor, is jury.
- George Plimpton
(Keywords: Biography, Jury)

My favorite monologue in the book is Kate Harrington's story of her relationship with Truman.
- George Plimpton
(Keywords: Favorite)

The New York Times published the guest list on the front page. The masks were a brilliant concept.
- George Plimpton
(Keywords: Guest)

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