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Born: Sunday, December 31, 1899

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.
- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
(Keywords: Project, Software)

How does a project get to be a year late? One day at a time.
- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
(Keywords: Time, Day, Project)

Systematically identity top designers as early as possible. The best are often not the most experienced.
- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
(Keywords: Identity)

The fundamental problem with program maintenance is that fixing a defect has a substantial chance of introducing another.
- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
(Keywords: Chance)

There is no single development, in either technology or management technique, which by itself promises even one order-of-magnitude improvement within a decade in productivity, in reliability, in simplicity.
- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
(Keywords: Technology, Development, Management, Improvement, Order, Productivity, Promises, Simplicity)

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