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Born: Thursday, February 14, 1856
Died: Thursday, August 27, 1931 (75 years old)
Profession: Author
Nationality: Irish

All the faults of the age come from Christianity and journalism. Christianity, of course, but why journalism?
- Frank Harris
(Keywords: Age, Christianity, Faults, Journalism)

I am, really, a great writer; my only difficulty is in finding great readers.
- Frank Harris
(Keywords: Difficulty, Writer)

Memoirs are a well-known form of fiction.
- Frank Harris
(Keywords: Fiction)

Sex is the gateway to life.
- Frank Harris
(Keywords: Life, Sex)

Strong people are made by opposition like kites that go up against the wind.
- Frank Harris
(Keywords: People, Kites, Opposition, Wind)

The Christian churches were offered two things: the spirit of Jesus and the idiotic morality of Paul, and they rejected the higher inspiration... Following Paul, we have turned the goodness of love into a fiend and degraded the crowning impulse of our being into a capital sin.
- Frank Harris
(Keywords: Love, Morality, Inspiration, Christian, Being, Churches, Goodness, Sin, Spirit)

There is a destiny that shapes our ends rough, hew them as we will.
- Frank Harris
(Keywords: Destiny, Will)

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