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Born: Friday, September 12, 1986
Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

Here we spent so much time together - eight months of our lives almost - and it was so great because we all got so close and that really made us not afraid to improve with each other.
- Emmy Rossum
(Keywords: Time, Months)

I feel like I've come out of this grown up, maybe because I live through the character vicariously and she grows up so much during the course of this story.
- Emmy Rossum
(Keywords: Character)

It is very grand and sumptuous and awesome to look at but it was really about the characters for me.
- Emmy Rossum

It wasn't my intention in going after this part but I suppose now I do. The adult roles are a lot meatier - you're not always just the daughter or the girlfriend or whatever.
- Emmy Rossum
(Keywords: Daughter, Girlfriend, Intention, Now)

She's lonely and wounded and very vulnerable and it really is a story about people at the heart of it all.
- Emmy Rossum
(Keywords: People, Heart, Lonely)

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