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Born: Wednesday, June 10, 1959
Profession: Lawyer
Nationality: American

I believe in an evolving Constitution. A flexible Constitution leaves room for us to consider not merely how the world once was, but how it ought to be.
- Eliot Spitzer
(Keywords: Constitution, World)

I don't care about motivation. I care about credibility.
- Eliot Spitzer
(Keywords: Motivation, Care, Credibility)

I stand before you today because this vision of government as the engine of opportunity is what I believe in.
- Eliot Spitzer
(Keywords: Government, Opportunity, Vision, Today)

It's time to let science and medicine, not politics and rhetoric, lead us to good, sound policy.
- Eliot Spitzer
(Keywords: Politics, Science, Time, Policy, Medicine, Rhetoric, Sound)

Those who are critical of Alliance are the same people who have done nothing for 30 years.
- Eliot Spitzer
(Keywords: People, Alliance, Nothing, Years)

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