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Born: Saturday, August 25, 1923
Died: Friday, November 9, 2001 (78 years old)
Profession: Novelist
Nationality: Scottish

After I convinced them that I was a harmless novelist, I actually got them to give me a tour of the harem - which is usually off limits for tourists.
- Dorothy Dunnett
(Keywords: Limits, Tourists)

But it's also because of something personal. My mother and father met while playing chess, so I've always had a fondness for the game. If it weren't for chess, I might not be here.
- Dorothy Dunnett
(Keywords: Mother, Father, Chess)

You all know that each title in the Chronicles has a chess theme; that's partly because of the overall design of the Chronicles themselves - the game of chess as an analogue of the game of life.
- Dorothy Dunnett
(Keywords: Design, Life, Chess)

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