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Born: Sunday, November 24, 1957
Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

A lot of show business, as you know, is about all the contacts you make and who you know.
- Denise Crosby
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I think that show will go down in history... people will scratch their heads and say 'How did this ever get on the air?' I mean, they finally have a planet that's populated with a black race and then they present them as savage warriors, and the men want the white girl!
- Denise Crosby
(Keywords: Men, History, People, Present, Race, Want, Will)

That was a surprise. I just had wished that Wil Wheaton was there. He was missing from the last show and it would have been nice if everyone could have been there.
- Denise Crosby

The Crosby family is sort of legendary for all of its traumas and familial problems, even though it has this appearance of being this perfect world. It had quite a dark side to it.
- Denise Crosby
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