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Born: Friday, November 9, 1984
Profession: Actress
Nationality: Australian

I think Taj and Nina were better friends, because they get along, they have a lot of fun and they laugh. But it seems that Nina and Jack really hit it off. Nina really fell in love with Jack. there's a lot of chemistry between them!
- Delta Goodrem
(Keywords: Love, Friends, Fun)

I'd just recorded it in Mariah Carey's studio. THey thought the song was perfect for Nina, because she's so shy, so it was nice to have that connection with Nina in the song. It was special.
- Delta Goodrem
(Keywords: Thought, Connection, Song)

Well, Neighbours wanted to do a song on the show, and they asked me what songs I had. I told them I'd just written this song, called Born to Try, and I had just gone overseas and spoken to some people from Song about it.
- Delta Goodrem
(Keywords: People, Song, Songs)

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