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Born: Friday, October 8, 1954
Profession: Politician
Nationality: American

Actually, I think I come at things a whole different way from most people, and, you know, sometimes political answers are one way to solve the problem, and sometimes there are better ways to do it.
- Craig Benson
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And, in the case of schools, or anything else, if you have something that is forcing you to do better than you did the day before, it makes you look forward and it makes you think in a way that's going to make the product better, which is the students and the education.
- Craig Benson
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But I also think that it does create a lot of revenue, but to me it's a temporary revenue stream because it's an industry that, if suddenly gambling started in Massachusetts, then a lot of our patrons who would gamble in New Hampshire if we had it, would disappear.
- Craig Benson
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California has set up regional collection offices around the world, staffed by California employees, specifically for out of state California businesses to collect the money and bring it back to California.
- Craig Benson
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I believe in competition.
- Craig Benson
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I do not support gambling in this state.
- Craig Benson
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I don't think anyone's pushing for spending limits in the campaign.
- Craig Benson
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I have done things politically, and I've been running a business at the same time, but I sort of joke that to some extent I do more than most legislators have done in their whole careers, and I've been doing it as a part-time job.
- Craig Benson
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Now I believe that people need to understand what's happening in my campaign, and they're going to get three or four snapshots of that, with plenty of time before the first disclosure happens in June.
- Craig Benson
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So you get kind of addicted to a revenue stream, and then all of a sudden it goes away, now the problem is worse than it was before.
- Craig Benson
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The Business Profits Tax, which is imposed on in-state businesses, we need to impose the same thing on out-of-state businesses, because the way the Business Profits Tax is calculated, it is highly dependent on how much sales and profits are generated in-state.
- Craig Benson
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The way I look at it is this, as Republicans, we look for less government interference in our lives.
- Craig Benson
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We have a law that allows us to establish charter schools here in this state. We ought to get going on it.
- Craig Benson
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