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Born: Saturday, February 10, 1962
Died: Saturday, September 27, 1986 (24 years old)
Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

Control your life through insanity.
- Cliff Burton
(Keywords: Life, Control, Insanity)

Every once in awhile we may fall on our face, but we insist on doing what we wanna do.
- Cliff Burton
(Keywords: May)

Personally, I would say the 'master' of this whole thing is fate... Whoever is on the playing field is fair game, and it's up to them to avoid being used.
- Cliff Burton
(Keywords: Being, Fate)

To live is to die.
- Cliff Burton

We do what we want. We don't care what anyone else thinks.
- Cliff Burton
(Keywords: Care, Want)

Why should we change onstage? We're not trying to be something big and fancy, it's just us, doing what we do, we'd like to keep it that way.
- Cliff Burton
(Keywords: Change, Fancy, Trying)

You don't burn out from going too fast. You burn out from going too slow and getting bored.
- Cliff Burton

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