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Born: Saturday, September 8, 1900
Died: Tuesday, May 30, 1989 (88 years old)
Profession: Politician
Nationality: American

A stockbroker urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him, "At my age, I don't even buy green bananas."
- Claude Pepper
(Keywords: Age, Value)

Ageism is as odious as racism and sexism.
- Claude Pepper
(Keywords: Racism, Sexism)

If more politicians in this country were thinking about the next generation instead of the next election, it might be better for the United States and the world.
- Claude Pepper
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Life is like riding a bicycle: you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling.
- Claude Pepper
(Keywords: Life)

One has the right to be wrong in a democracy.
- Claude Pepper
(Keywords: Democracy, Right, Wrong)

The mistake a lot of politicians make is in forgetting they've been appointed and thinking they've been anointed.
- Claude Pepper
(Keywords: Mistake, Politicians, Thinking)

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