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Born: Wednesday, July 11, 1928
Died: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 (73 years old)
Profession: Athlete
Nationality: American

Apparently God takes reception of Holy Communion seriously. Apparently some things are more sacred than politics. Apparently it's all or nothing when it comes to being Catholic.
- Carl Olson
(Keywords: God, Politics, Being, Nothing)

Becoming Catholic involves entering into a relationship with the Catholic Church.
- Carl Olson
(Keywords: Church)

If you must get rid of a roach, use mechanical control.
- Carl Olson
(Keywords: Control)

People have no tolerance. They think all bugs are bad. It's the American way. If you don't like something, kill it.
- Carl Olson
(Keywords: People, American, Bugs, Tolerance)

Superficial similarities exist between Christianity and some ancient pagan religions. But careful study reveals that there are far more dissimilarities.
- Carl Olson
(Keywords: Christianity, Study)

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