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Born: Saturday, July 13, 1957
Profession: Director
Nationality: American

And I liked that whole idea that energy comes from not disseminating your ideas and talking about them.
- Cameron Crowe
(Keywords: Idea, Ideas, Energy, Talking)

Great music is its own movie, already. And the challenge, as a music fan, is to keep the song as powerful as it wants to be, to not tamper with it and to somehow give it a home.
- Cameron Crowe
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In the future, everybody is going to be a director. Somebody's got to live a real life so we have something to make a movie about.
- Cameron Crowe
(Keywords: Life, Future)

It's more like can I build a group of characters and can I tell some universal truths that feel real and aren't formulaic in the spirit of filmmakers gone by who've told American stories that were personal and universal as well.
- Cameron Crowe
(Keywords: American, Spirit)

People dance and we have a lot of music and... this might be the closet I get for a while.
- Cameron Crowe
(Keywords: Music, People, Dance)

Probably having fallen in love with music and movies at a young age and then first learning about writing by kind of following the path of writers like Dave Marsh and Lester Bangs and being a rock journalist.
- Cameron Crowe
(Keywords: Age, Love, Movies, Music, Being, First, Learning, Writers, Writing)

Time puts things in proper perspective.
- Cameron Crowe
(Keywords: Time, Perspective)

Well it kind of is project to project because as a writer I think you always write to some degree about things that you know or things that happened - but my favourite filmmakers, my favourite movies of theirs tend to be the personal movies.
- Cameron Crowe
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