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Born: Wednesday, September 19, 1934
Died: Sunday, August 27, 1967 (32 years old)
Profession: Businessman
Nationality: British

But I think traveling around and going around the world and making arrangements for moving around is the most difficult thing, 'cuz you don't know what's going to happen.
- Brian Epstein
(Keywords: Traveling, World)

I am determined to go through the horror of this world.
- Brian Epstein
(Keywords: Horror, World)

They get, you know, whatever they want from their earnings, and their earnings go into their own company.
- Brian Epstein
(Keywords: Company, Want)

Well, I don't know about the dizzy height, but I always thought they were going to be pretty big.
- Brian Epstein
(Keywords: Thought, Pretty)

Well, then we got to know each other and eventually worked out a bit of idea of management.
- Brian Epstein
(Keywords: Idea, Management)

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